News Updates

June 8, 2018

Ellen Harris is no longer a member of our Admin team. We're pleased to announce that Operations Assistant Rebecca Bond has assumed the role of Acting Operations Manager. All communications with our office should be addressed to Rebecca.

May 16, 2018

Due to high demand, we are no longer accepting registrations for Guitar/ Contemporary Folk Week. The registration page for this week has been disabled.

May 16, 2018

Balances are due by June 1. If you have an outstanding balance and need to make a payment, please begin the process by visiting our new 'Make a Payment' page under the 'Register' tab at our website. There is important information we need to collect from you before you go to the college's payment page to pay your balance. This should make the payment process a little smoother and we appreciate your support and cooperation!

May 1, 2018

Due to illness, Travis Stuart has had to cancel. His classes during Old-Time Week will be taught by Bob Herring.


Updated: April 20, 2018

We continue to process registrations, but as of this date, these classes are FULL:

Traditional Song Week:
Folk Songs For All Sorts of Folks
Sailor Men & Serving Maids
Bluegrass Harmony
From the Appalachians to the Ozarks
Duet Harmony Singing
Music Theory
Choices: How To Get the Most out of Songs..

Celtic Week:
Tinwhistle for Complete Beginners
Intro to Irish Whistle A
Int./Adv. Flute A
Int./Adv. Flute B
Int./Adv. Flute C
Beginning Sean Nos Dance
Advanced Irish Fiddle B
Session Guitar Accompaniment I
Session Guitar Accompaniment II
Accompany Tunes on the Fly
DADGAD Song Accompaniment
Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar
Celtic Bouzouki
Tenor Banjo
Fiddle for Complete Beginners
Fiddle Technique A
Mandolin I
Mandolin II
Uilleann Pipes

Old-Time Week:
OT Fiddle I A
OT Fiddle II A
OT Fiddle II B
OT Fiddle II C
OT Fiddle II D
OT Fiddle III A
OT Fiddle III C
OT Fiddle III D
OT Banjo I
OT Banjo II A
OT Banjo II B
OT Banjo II D
OT Banjo III A
OT Banjo III B
OT Banjo III C
OT Guitar I
OT Guitar II A
Mandolin I
Uke II
Southern Singing Solo
Southern Country Duets
A Nest of Singing Birds

Contemporary Folk Week:
Writing Melodies
Works in Progress
Beginning Vocal Mastery
Performance & Songwriting
Performing Fearlessly
Introducing the Best You on Stage A
Songwriting 101: Storytelling
Be Your Own Artistic Producer
The Singer/Songwriter as Guitarist A
The Singer/Songwriter as Guitarist B
What I Learned from Pete and Woody
Song Critiques
Vocal Clinic
Everybody Has a Story
Vocal Master Class
The Muse Loves to See You at Work
It's All About the Song
Finding Your Path
Don't Drop the Ball, Tear Down the Wall
Advanced Vocal Mastery
Writing a Traditional Song
Relatable Songs
Advanced Vance
What Writer's Block? Let's Get Unstuck

Guitar Week:
Alternating Bass Fingerpicking
Intermediate Flatpicking A
Raggin' It Up the Neck
Jazz Guitar Improv
Singing the Blues
Bottleneck Blues & Beyond
English Renaissance Music for Guitar
Beginning Celtic Guitar
Beatles Arrangements for Solo Guitar
Beginning Ukulele & Hawaiian Songs
Acoustic Grateful Dead
Intermediate Flatpicking B
Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar B
Baqsic Slide Technique
Women In the Blues
Improve Your Groove
Walk the Plank
Accompanying a Singer
Swing Guitar Workshop
Intro To Music Recording & Production
Beginning Flatpicking
Sliding Into Slide Guitar
Composing and Arranging
Mississippi John Hurt
Swing & Hot Jazz Rhythm Guitar
Jazzing Up Your Blues
Advanced Flatpicking A
The Joy of Fingerpicking
Chord Construction and Application
Paramount Blues
Writing Music on Acoustic Guitar
The Well-Tempered Guitarist
Slide Guitar 101
Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop
Exploring Open Tunings
Music Theory & Ear Training for Guitarists
Riffs, Rags, & Boogies

Fiddle Week:
Intermediate Bluegrass Fiddle
Backing Up Singers
The Blues: N. America's Musical Language

Mando & Banjo Week:
Choro Mandolin
Opening Mando Doors 201
Solo Arrangements for Mandolin
It's All in the Right Hnad
Blues Mandolin

March 12, 2018

CORRECTIONS TO THE PRINT CATALOG. (NOTE: The online catalog reflects all corrections.)

Fiddle Week: On pg. 42, the schedule's dates should be July 29-August 4, as they are in the Mando & Banjo schedule.

(The online catalog reflects all corrections)


November 13, 2018

2018 STAFF:

George Grove
Ed Trickett
Karl Scully
Alan Reid
Joe Newberry
Len Graham
Tim May
Cathy Jordan
Sheila Kay Adams
Josh Goforth
Julee Glaub Weems
Mark Weems
Matt Watroba
Kathy Bullock
Tony Ellis
Laura Boosinger

Liz Carroll
Martin Hayes
John Doyle
Kevin Crawford
Dave Curley
Owen Marshall
Manus McGuire
John Skelton
Robin Bullock
Damien Connolly
Eamon O'Leary
Alasdair White
Mari Black
Katie McNally
Len Graham
Cathy Jordan
Andrew Finn Magill
Billy Jackson
Grainne Hambly
Siobhan Butler
Anna Colliton
Nuala Kennedy
Kathleen Conneely
Cillian Vallely
Ed Miller
Caitlin Warbelow
Máirtín de Cógáin

Phil Jamison
Ron Pen
Don Pedi
Ben Nelson
Ellie Grace
Eddie Bond
Jared Boyd
Carl Jones
Alice Gerrard
Carol Elizabeth Jones
John Hollandsworth
Bob Carlin
Sheila Kay Adams
Paul Kovac
Cliff Hale
Howard Rains
Tricia Spencer
John Harrod
Kevin Kehrberg
Lightnin’ Wells
Ira Bernstein
Erynn Marshall
Joe Decosimo
Karen Celia Heil
Luke Richardson
Kirk Sutphin
Bob Herring

Al Petteway
Adam Rafferty
Greg Ruby
Sean McGowan
Toby Walker
Mike Dowling
Robin Bullock
Scott Ainslie
Preston Reed
Clive Carroll
Jamie Stillway
Tony McManus
Bill Cooley
David Jacobs-Strain
Russ Barenberg
Tim May
Patrick Landeza

John Gorka
Tom Paxton
Kathy Mattea
Ellis Paul
Vance Gilbert
Peter Mulvey
Nora Jane Struthers
Joe Craven
Cliff Eberhardt
Don Henry
Amy Speace
Camela Widad
Jon Vezner
Siobhan Quinn

Byron Berline
Adrianna Ciccone
Darol Anger
Evan Price
David Greely
John Mailander
Jeremy Kittel
Liz Knowles
Andrew Finn Magill
Kenny Jackson
Kilby Spencer
Andrea Hoag
Greg Ruby
Nora Garver
Abby Newton
Ethan Jodziewicz

Mike Marshall
Alan Munde
John Reischman
Alan Bibey
Don Julin
Steve James
Tim Connell
Paul Brown
Don Stiernberg
David Surette
Caterina Lichtenberg
Bill Evans
Ed Dodson
Emory Lester
Terri McMurray
Lynn Dudenbostel