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Click here to download a copy of the 2017 Youth Scholarship Application - all applications are due by April 1st


Each year, we award Youth Scholarships for the cost of tuition and housing in any of our programs to a number of promising young musicians and dancers. Several of these scholarships are memorial scholarships awarded during Celtic Week in memory of Tony Cuffe, and Regis Malady, during Old-Time Week in memory of Ralph Blizard, and during Contemporary Folk/Fiddle or Traditional Song Weeks in memory of Freyda Epstein, our dear friends and long-time staff members.

Applicants should be under the age of 22 and should submit by April 1 a completed application, a selfwritten letter of request for the specific week desired, giving background and contact information, including the applicant's age, prior musical experience and stating why (s)he should receive a scholarship, plus a letter of recommendation from a mentor or other individual knowledgeable in the applicant's area of folk music or dance. Please do not send recordings. Priority will be given to those who have not received a scholarship before. An application fee is not required. Scholarships are merit-based, limited and competitive. Please send your application to: The Swannanoa Gathering, Warren Wilson College, PO Box 9000, Asheville, NC 28815-9000 or fax it to: 828-298-3434

The Doug & Darcy Orr Music Fund is an endowment fund established to provide long-term financial support for the work of the Swannanoa Gathering now, and for decades to come. Originally established with a generous gift from one of our workshop participants, interest from the fund provides financial support for the program where it is most needed. Tax-free contributions to to the Doug & Darcy Orr Music Fund and/or for our Youth Scholarship fund are welcome and may be made online on the donation form.

A number of our scholarships are sponsored by private organizations or individuals. Are you interested in sponsoring a scholarship? Please contact our office for more information.

2016 Youth Scholars

Tosco Music Party Scholarships are awarded to:
Olivia Martin: attending Contemporary Folk Week
Emma James: attending Contemporary Folk Week

Charlotte Folk Society Scholarships are awarded to:
Ginger-Gabrielle South : awarded the Anna SpychalaYouth Scholarship and attending Celtic Week
Sarah Lemonds: awarded the Marilyn Meacham Price Youth Scholarship and attending Old-Time Week
Nick Tutwiler: awarded the William Thomas Covington Youth Scholarship and attending Fiddle Week

Wilkes Acoustic Folk Society's Duncan-Eilliott Scholarship is awarded to:
Liam Purcell: attending Mando-Banjo Week

"The Shepard Posse" awarded a scholarship to:
Eliot Smith: attending Guitar Week

Dream Guitars sponsored a scholarship for:
Aron Stornaiuolo: attending Guitar Week

Fitzgerald Scholarship Fund awarded a scholarship to:
Bailee Brandon : attending Fiddle Week

Austin Friends of Traditional Music sponsored scholarships for:
Rose Griffith : attending Old-Time Week
Mira Coquina Dickey: attending Old-Time Week
Britt Irick : attending Old-Time Week

Blue Ridge Irish Music School awarded scholarships to:

Aaron Rinaca : attending Celtic Week
Sophie Condron : attending Celtic Week

Green Grass Cloggers awarded a scholarship to:

Savannah Paige Murray : attending Old-TimeWeek

Acoustic Corner awarded scholarships to:

Jackson Grimm : attending Guitar Week
Mary Trammell : attending Mando-Banjo Week

Measley Brothers Scholarship Fund

ArtistWorks Scholarship

Swannanoa Gathering Youth Scholarships are awarded to:

Jesse Rhew

Chloe Lang

Olivia Bradley (Regis Malady Scholar)
Madeleine Ling
(Tony Cuffe Scholar)

Selu Adams
Nicole Carpenter

Kai Grosklos
Justin Hipps

Heidi Oploh

Rachel Bettendorf
Eliot Smith

Aron Stornaiuolo


Etowah Adams
Landon Dillingham
Giri Peters

Uma Peters

Bailee Brandon
Dasha Gilmore
Sadie Gustafson-Zook
(Freyda Epstein Scholar)
Courtney Harris