2016 Swannanoa Gathering Online Pre-Registration

The deadline for pre-registration is 5:00 PM EST on February 12, 2016.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Every registrant (student, non-student and children's program) must pay a deposit in order to pre-register or register. $100 per student per week, $50 per non-student per week and $25 per children's program registrant for each applicable week. A pre-registration deposit will allow you early access to register for classes before registration is open to the public in March.

Items in bold are required fields. Please fill out all sections of the form.

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Student refers to anyone registering to take 1 to 4 classes during the Swannanoa Gathering.

Non-Student refers to anyone, over the age of 12, attending in the company of a registered Swannanoa Gathering student (class participant) but not taking classes themselves.

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Note: If you are registering as a student and planning on bringing a non-student or children in the children's program, your selected weeks will also apply to them in calculating your total deposit. If you are only planning on bringing others with you for some of those weeks, please fill this form out for each week you're pre-registering for.

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