2018 Pre-registration

Thank you for your interest in The Swannanoa Gathering. Pre-Registration has officially closed. General Registration will begin in Mid-March.

We offer this update for all who pre-registered:

Due to the timing of our new operations manager hire we are RESCHEDULING THE DATE for pre-registration class sign- ups). We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and are not taking this change of date lightly as we know how important the class signups are. However, it is critical that we ensure that the process runs smoothly.

The important things to remember are these: Everyone will still have an equal chance of getting their classes, and delaying the class sign-ups date doesn't mean that more people are entering the pool of pre-registrants. Pre-registration closed on Feb. 9 and no more pre-registrations after that date were accepted.

We will announce via email, mail and facebook once we have determined a new date for the class sign-ups. Thank you for your patience during our time of staff transition.